Sorting, testing, reworking

Use our long years of experience as a service provider specializing in quality assurance for your checks and reworking – on your premises, at your customers and suppliers, or in our external test stations.

We perform testing for our customers based on a works contract. The order begins with a specified test quantity or batch, which will be screened or processed and available at the end of the assignment. The test result will be reported and updated regularly during an ongoing job through our customer reports. Jobs are performed independently where the goods are stored or at our own test stations and service points.

A trained and experienced employee will develop a keen eye for the relevant feature and ensure smooth execution of the project.

Metal, plastics, rubber

We can test almost every object by visual inspection or with measuring and testing equipment for defined features and functions.

Connector pins and rotor blades

We can handle parts of any size. We use magnifier lamps and stereomicroscopes for testing the smallest components. We have also tested oversize parts on rotor blades and railroad cars as part of our jobs.

Supplied unfinished parts or assembled components in shipment

We perform acceptance testing or ensure that there is good merchandise in the consignment warehouse. Merchandise already packed for shipping (such as operating devices or assembled clutch systems) will be expertly repackaged after testing.

Warehouse, manufacturing, and external test stations

Our employees work independently at clearly designated test stations, regardless of internal processes. Our team can be recognized by their uniform work clothing.

We can also perform tests at our Service.Point External.

Electronic components

In addition to conventional components, we also test equipped or unequipped circuit boards for mechanical manufacturing defects and deviations. The merchandise can then be shipped in customary vacuum packs.

Feedback and customer report

Results and measured values can be documented in our own reports or in provided report formats. All parties involved are informed about current results in a clearly structured email report in the respective project language (for example, German and/or English).

Overview of our testing and reworking services

  •     Short-term production-related jobs
  •     Visual inspections (including inspections with viewing instruments or microscopes),  surface testing, measurements (by caliper, gauge, etc.), gauge tests, leak tests, NDT penetrant Testing, and more
  •     Incoming and outgoing inspections of merchandise
  •     CS1 and CS2 tests
  •     Quality wall/quality gate
  •     Various reworking operations, such as deburring, separating, cutting, welding, bending, painting, cleaning, and more
  •     Production assistance and assemblies
  •     Extended workbench
  •     In-process measurements

Qualitas: Experienced in quality for 20 years.


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